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企业简介/about us

Wenzhou Shenji Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Established in 2010, Wenzhou Shenji Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. ( "Wenzhou Shenji" ) is a brand enterprise which has ntegrated development, processing, manufacturing, sales and service together It is mainly engaged in the production and sales of automobile connectors (including cable harness sleeve, plate-end wafer and hardware terminal), automotive fuse box, automobile sensor, automobile motor wire holder, heavy-current copper terminal and copper bar etc. Its products are widely applied in various kinds of oil-fueled cars, new energy vehicles, rail traffic vehicles, bus, engineering machines and special vehicles. The company mainly supplies products to large automobile manufacturers such as BYD, CRRC, Geely, BAIC and Wuling. It is the tier-one and tier-two supplier of automobile factories and also exports products to Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

"Wenzhou Shenji" attaches great importance to talent cultivation and has a senior management and R&D team. By virtue of its abundant technological strength, with "product R&D" and "advanced manufacturing” as the breakthrough, the company exerts great effort to develop its core competitivity and continuously improves product quality to win the unani-mous praise of numerous customers.

In face of the economic globalization, we, as the member of Shenji, will make unremitting endeavor to realize its objective of becoming the top-class automobile parts supplier in the world.



Wenzhou Shenji Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Company vision: to become the most reliable connector brand for users.

Company mission: to be the best connector to meet and always serve the needs of customers



National high tech enterprise certification


  1. Get famous brand products of Yueqing

  2. Mold and production equipment upgrade


  1. Won the title of growth enterprise

  2. Won the title of Wenzhou science and Technology (innovation) enterprise

  3. Won the title of small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises in Zhejiang Provinc


Passed TS-16949 system certification


Wenzhou Shenji Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established


Shenzhen Shenji Electronics Co., Ltd. was established


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